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Thousands of dollars worth of incentives for just pennies on the dollar per year


Imagine if your business could offer an unlimited amount of our four great incentive offers to your customers to increase your leads and sales for just pennies on the dollar per year. If offering these incentives were to get you just one extra sale per year, it would pay for itself. What if offering these incentives got you one extra sale per month, one extra sale per week or one extra sale per day?  We have testimonials from telemarketing centers that show they increased their leads by as much as one sale per hour. How much would that be worth to your bottom line? Not convinced yet? We work with thousands of businesses to increase their leads and sales every day.  

Merchant License GC20774MD

Merchant is purchasing a license right to distribute an unlimited number of Cash Saver, Inc certificates for a 12 month period. The format of these Cash Saver, Inc. certificates will be issued by Cash Saver, Inc as a PDF file. That file can be printed, emailed, placed on a website or uploaded to customers of Merchant.

The wording cannot be changed on the PDF except for the "Compliments of" section. The "Compliments of" section can be changed as often as necessary to fit different promotions at no further cost to the Merchant or Distributor.

This license agreement includes a 3 day 2 night certificate, 8 day 7 night certificate, $1000 grocery certificate and $1000 Restaurant/Grocery Certificate.

Increase Leads and Sales